The COMPASS Advantage

Our proprietary software solution, COMPASS, uses advanced data algorithms and intelligent queries to effortlessly find eligibility matches others cannot.

COMPASS is the most robust, EDI-intrinsic system in the industry. It provides our clients with a turn-key, fully-auditable solution for DSH and UCC / S-10 resulting in additional reimbursement for our clients.

We do all of this with minimal resource requirements so that you can focus on what you do best, caring for patients.

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Advanced Algorithms & Intelligent Queries

Difficult-to-match patients require data permutation algorithms and evolving knowledge of state-specific matching logic. COMPASS analyzes data associated with a hospital provider to identify the most common registration errors to create alternate matching options.

Our competitors use mostly manual processes which makes these types of analyses impossible.

Quality Assurance

As a result of the unique, comprehensive review process coded into COMPASS, we have a best-in-class 99% audit acceptance rate. Our process includes using multiple data sources to uncover "hidden" eligibility as well as strategically re-testing patient eligibility before filing to optimize allowable additional reimbursement.

Additionally, COMPASS provides a complete audit trail for any results we find, a high-value feature important given the greater scrutiny faced by providers when filing for reimbursement dollars.

Regulatory & Program Knowledge

Our in-house team of experts, with more than 100 + years of reimbursement experience, ensures COMPASS is current with all the latest CMS compliance requirements. This virtually eliminates the likelihood of having results challenged by auditors looking for non-compliance.

Our experts also help develop new products to address the ever-evolving regulatory environment and find providers the dollars they deserve.